The Rock Breaks Into Song to Stop Boredom During Coronavirus Quarantine

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to brighten everyone’s day by breaking into song during [...]

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson decided to brighten everyone's day by breaking into song during his coronavirus quarantine. He was getting a little bored, and what better activity to pass the time than singing. All kinds of celebrities have been showcasing how they've spent the days since being isolated. The virus has spread so far that most big stars have posted some kind of video or picture of them in their houses. The Rock is getting some sun but maintaining that distance.

He wrote, "We'll all get thru this 🌎I'll try it one @teremana at a time. Hope this one makes ya laugh a bit during these tough times. Enjoy one of my personal favorite songs, "baby I love you" from the Yayhoos. A song a lot of us around the world might be singing right about now. Stay strong, stay healthy, take care of your families and we'll get thru thing together. And yes, I take requests #haggardandteremana"

Earlier this week, The Rock saw production on his Netflix movie shut down. Red Notice already had to stop filming abroad, but the past couple of days have brought everything else screeching to a halt.

"We are pressing pause on our @netflix production of RED NOTICE effective this Monday for the next two weeks. It's my privilege to speak eye to eye with our entire crew to help give a little clarity and guidance, as the most important thing right now is for us to get everyone home to their concerned families. Gotta protect our babies, spouses, loved ones and elderly. We'll continue to monitor and assess this situation closely to make the best decisions for our families first and then our businesses. We're a resilient nation who ultimately, will always rise to the occasion to be accountable and work together to overcome whatever hardship lies in front of us. Our country will do its job, as the rest of the world will do theirs. Everyone please stay healthy, vigilant, safe and let's protect one another. We're all in this - together," Johnson wrote on Instagram.

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