Totino's Is Making Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls

Totino's is releasing its second flavor in collaboration with FaZe Clan.

UPDATE: The story initially said both Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls and Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls were limited-time items. A Totino's spokesperson has informed us, however, that both items are on the pizza-maker's permanent product list. The story as it originally appeared is below.

Totino's is a name that's long been synonymous with pizza rolls, and the company has announced what might be its most unique pizza roll flavor yet. Wednesday, the company announced it is releasing Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls, a new collaboration with the gamers at FaZe Clan—the brands' second conjoined campaign in as many years.

"After our successful Buffalo Chicken launch with FaZe Clan last year, we knew we had to create something extra special next that would not only excite our fans' taste buds, but also perfectly complement the rush of gaming," Taylor Roseberry, Brand Experience Manager for Totino's, offered in the announcement press release. "Totino's Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls do just that, and we're excited for fans to enjoy orange chicken in a whole new way."

FaZe executive Adam Bauer added, "We are incredibly proud of our second collaboration with Totino's. Finding the next flavor to roll out together has been an exciting process and we can't wait to introduce Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls to our fans in an easy way to enjoy between gaming sessions."

At launch, Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls will be available in one size: the brand's traditional 50-piece bag. The new item carries an MSRP of $5.99 per bag, and they should be popping up wherever other Totino's products are sold in the coming weeks.

Though some retailers still have listings for Buffalo Chicken Pizza Rolls up, it doesn't appear any store stills has them in stock. As such, that leads us to believe the Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls will also be a limited-time offering, although Totino's doesn't have an exact date the new savory pastries will be pulled from shelves.

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