Twizzlers Izzlers "Twistless" Licorice Is on the Way

What are Twizzlers without the twist? The legendary licorice product has long been known for its iconic shape and texture. Now, the Hershey-owned candy is apparently shaking up the status quo just a little bit. A new listing has popped up on for a product called "Twizzlers Twzlr Izlrs," which is almost certainly a placeholder. Thankfully, the listing includes three different shots of the packaging, which reads "Izzlers?"

Curled around the question mark is text reading, "Are they still Twizzlers twists if they don't have any twists?" The package is also sure to point out the Izzlers are "untwisted for a limited time only." Judging by the Walmart site, the MSRP for a 16 oz. package is $2.23, though the big box store's everyday low price is $1.98. Hershey has yet to officially announce the product but judging by the Walmart site, the product is already in stock at select locations.

It's unlikely we'll see official news surface throughout the remainder of the month as the company has partially closed down certain locations amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In a press released from earlier this month, the fabled candy company has closed down both Hershey's Chocolate World locations in Hershey, Pennsylvania and Times Square, New York.

"The health and safety of our employees and store guests is our top priority, The Hershey Experience vice president Suzanne Jones said in a statement. "To date, there have been no confirmed cases of any of our Hershey employees having contracted the virus, but we are taking these steps to protect our employees and guests and in line with precautions happening in both communities.


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