Iconic Disney World Structure Could Be Getting a Facelift

One of the most iconic structures in all of Walt Disney World could be getting a little work done in the near future. Cinderella's Castle received an update this year ahead of the Disney World 50th anniversary celebration, and now it appears Animal Kingdom's famous landmark is also due for some work. The Tree of Life, essentially the Animal Kingdom equivalent of the castle at Magic Kingdom, is the subject of a new work permit that reveals some scheduled work is on the way.

According to Inside the Magic, Disney has filed a construction permit for the Tree of Life. The permit is to "provide labor, material and/or electrical for construction." That's incredibly vague, and it sounds like the construction could range anywhere from minor repairs to a major change.

Given that Disney hasn't made any announcements about Tree of Life, and there hasn't been any word of it closing in the near future, it likely won't impact the experiences of guests all that much. If that's the case, the construction is probably minor in nature.

This could just be some kind of touch up job for the intricate Tree of Life, or even some kind of electrical update to keep things running smoothly. Then again, the construction could also have something to do with the upcoming holiday season.

The Tree of Life is currently getting lit up at night as part of Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration. Later in the year, however, the tree will be used as a part of the holiday edition of Tree of Life Awakenings. if different lights or visual effects are needed in order to put on the holiday shows, this new construction makes even more sense.

"It will be a wild holiday time at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park with the return of seasonal decor and festive Disney character flotillas sailing down the Discovery River to the sounds of joyful songs of the season," Disney wrote in a blog post about Animal Kingdom's holiday plans. "The park's centerpiece — The Tree of Life — becomes another Beacon of Magic most nights during the 50th anniversary celebration. During the holiday season there's even more magic inspired by nature as the holiday edition of Tree of Life Awakenings also takes place most nights."

If any massive changes are coming to the Tree of Life in the near future, Disney will likely announce them.