Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Comments on Stan Lee's Alleged Abuse

Stan Lee's most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe cameo in Ant-Man and the Wasp may be his funniest yet, but there's nothing funny about the sad, complicated allegations that the legendary Marvel creator is the victim of elder abuse. Now, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is commenting on the situation.

In a recent interview with Daily News, Feige talked about Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as the overall success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Lee's creations -- and his cameos -- being a major part of the films and projects under the MCU banner, Feige noted that Lee's situation was "sad" but that they also wanted to help Lee.

"It's very complicated, and of course we're always seeing what we can do about it," Feige said. "It's sad."

Complicated and sad are, unfortunately, two terms that certainly apply. Since the death of his wife Joan Lee in 2017, Lee's personal life has been very publicly in disarray. There have been multiple reports of theft from Lee's home or of embezzlement from his savings while there have also been shifts in those among Lee's inner circle with his business manager Keya Morgan taking over his affairs. However, concerns about Lee's situation extended even further after the creator was photographed at various events looking weaker than usual. Worries rocketed shortly thereafter when The Hollywood Reporter published an expose alleging that Lee was suffering from elder abuse. The lengthy piece pointed out a few culprits in the scheme, but Morgan was featured heavily alongside Lee’s daughter J.C. and others.

Most recently, Morgan was arrested for filing a false police report which resulted in Lee filing a restraining order against Morgan. That original order was dismissed last week as the lawyer who filed it, Tom Lallas, is not currently representing Lee, but another one was filed by Lee's actual attorney Robert Reynolds in its place. The new request claim that Morgan mishandled over $5 million of Lee's money as well as caused the 95-year-old severe physical and emotional injury. The request also alleges that Morgan attempted to isolate Lee from family and moved him to an undisclosed location in June. Morgan denies the allegations.

Feige's comments expressing sadness join comments from others in the industry including Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn who posted on Instagram earlier this year that he hoped Lee was okay and that he was always there for him.


"My heart is with Stan Lee right now, Gunn wrote. "I hope he's okay. I've heard a lot of disturbing reports lately about his care and hope he can live these late golden years with the dignity and respect he deserves, surrounded by love. I'm always here for Stan in any way he needs me. Just let me know."

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