Marvel Brings Back the Ultimate Venom Symbiote

Marvel just finished putting Venom through the events of Absolute Carnage. In that story, Venom had his most brutal battle yet with his archenemy, the serial killer symbiote Carnage. Venom made some unusual allies along the way, including the Maker, the villainous Reed Richard of the Ultimate Marvel universe. But Venom’s life isn’t getting any easier. Venom #20 reveals that he may not be the only Venom symbiote in the Marvel Universe. There’s another, the survivor of a believed-dead universe, and that symbiote is in some questionable hands. SPOILERS for Venom #20 by Donny Cates, Iban Coello, and Jose Carlos Silva follow.

Absolute Carnage revealed that the symbiotes of the Marvel Universe have been leaving traces of themselves called genetic codices in the spines of their hosts. Carnage tried to collect those codices so that he could awaken the god of the symbiotes, Knull, from his prison.

Venom assembled a group of allies to stop Carnage. Among them was the Maker, who claimed he had created a device that would destroy the codices. In truth, he was collecting codices, though that plan was foiled when Eddie Brock used the collected codices to from a new Venom symbiote.

In Venom #20, the Maker reports these events to his unseen colleagues working on “Project Oversight.” The Maker had hoped to use the codices he’d collecting in his efforts to repair a dimensional portal to his home universe. Venom dashed those plans, but on the bright side, the last time he tried to open the portal something slipped through. It’s the Venom symbiote from the Ultimate Universe.

Ultimate Venom Maker
(Photo: Marvel)

The Maker believes that the symbiotes may have been designed for interdimensional travel. As such, he believes he can use the Venom symbiote to travel between universes himself. To what end remains unknown, but it may tie into the upcoming Venom Island event.

What do you think of the survival of the Ultimate Venom symbiote? Let us know what you think about it in the comments. Venom #20 is on sale now.

Venom #20
(W) Donny Cates (A) Iban Coello, Jose Carlos Silva (CA) Kyle Hotz

• It's the final tie-in to ABSOLUTE CARNAGE, but that doesn't mean superstars Donny Cates and Iban Coello are easing up off the gas!


• You want to know what happens in this one, True Believers? You're going to have to read it!

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