'Avengers 4' Fan Theory Claims Trailer Release Date Has Been Revealed

If you want to know the point when we collectively start going down the rabbit hole with Avengers 4 trailer theories, this is it. A new theory that popped on Reddit is seeming to make a lot of sense to fans, as it merges some clever math with an Avengers: Infinity War quote that may have been hiding the Avengers 4 trailer date right in front of our faces.

Reddit user Ethaniopia points back to official Marvel Avengers 4 site, which is currently on a countdown clock to the movie's release. The theory is that when the countdown clock reaches a certain number, we'll get the first Avengers 4 trailer debut. That number? One that Doctor Strange delivered in his infamous future-predicting scene of Avengers: Infinity War.

Strange used the Time Stone to visit a multitude of futures in which the Avengers battled Thanos for the Infinity Gauntlet. The number of futures he claimed to have visited was 14,000,605, which is speculated to be a direct connection to the countdown clock, meaning that the Avengers 4 trailer would drop around the 140-day mark of the countdown. At the time of writing, the countdown clock is at 160 days, which would put the Avengers 4 trailer release on Thursday, December 13th.

That just so happens to be the date that the first Thursday night screenings of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse begin. The speculated release plan is that the Avengers 4 trailer would debut online that day before being attached to Into the Spider-Verse theatrical screenings that night and weekend.

Clearly there's an easy and attractive symmetry to all this, wherein the countdown clock and release date of a Marvel character movie all coincide. The Reddit user even goes so far as to include the fact that Thursday Night Football could also be used as a platform for the trailer's TV debut. It sounds about as good as... every other Avengers 4 trailer theory that's currently being batted around online. At the same time, the countdown clock/film quote connection would be incredibly cool use of Doctor Strange's words.


The problem is that the planning of having a line of dialogue in a film that teased a later trailer release, with a countdown clock tie-in? It would take a lot of intricate pre-planning of some pretty specific number synchronizations, without any of those variables (like an edit of the movie or trailer release date) ever changing. Given the intricate chess game The Russos and Marvel Studios are already playing with this two-part Avengers story, it could definitely be done.

The next few weeks should make it clear, of course as we all wait for that Avengers 4 trailer to potentially drop at any second.