Ben Mendelsohn Gives Interesting Reaction When Asked About 'Captain Marvel'

Marvel already has its Captain Marvel, but if his latest reaction is anything to go by, it could [...]

Marvel already has its Captain Marvel, but if his latest reaction is anything to go by, it could also be soon getting its Captain Marvel villain.

It was recently reported that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actor Ben Mendelsohn was in talks with the studio to play the villain role in Captain Marvel, but nothing has been confirmed by Mendelsohn or the studio since. A recent interview with Mendelsohn, however, won't stop the theory fires burning.

"Wow, that would be lovely," Mendelsohn told Collider. "That would be really nice. But I know that Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden—I think I know how this one got started because they did Mississippi Grind obviously, and I think they're a great choice and a really interesting choice for that film."

Throughout his answer, Mendelsohn can be seen giving some slight smirks. When asked about the smile, Mendelsohn explained it had to do with the question itself. "Well you see a smile because I'm amused that people even bother to ask," Mendelsohn said. "Only because it's one of those things, it's sort of like being in the secret service for a moment. You can neither confirm nor deny… It would be thrilling, I'm sure."

While he isn't going to outright answer the question by saying "yes, I'm involved", but he didn't say "no I'm not involved" either.

Regardless, fans would be thrilled to have Mendelsohn as part of the cast, especially as the film's main villain. Adding a talent like that to any cast would be a boon, and throw in already having chemistry with the directors and you've got yourself a recipe for success.

Hopefully, this turns out to be a "when" situation and not an "if".

As for Brie Larson, she's enjoyed her time under the Marvel Studios umbrella so far, especially when it comes to their focus on characters.

"That's one of the things that I'm so impressed with at Marvel – is that although they are this big company, at the same time their stories are really character driven and they care a lot about the journey of these characters and they understand that these films are a metaphor for the things that are very real in our lives," Larson told THR.

Fans can finally see Captain Marvel join the MCU when it hits theaters on March 8, 2019.

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