‘Captain Marvel:’ Fans Wonder if Nick Fury Moment is Continuity Error or Skrull Slip Up

Captain Marvel finally hit theaters this week and fans are taking to the Internet to discuss the movie and how it fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One fan took to Reddit with a potential continuity error that could also be a hint at a Skrull invasion.

Warning: Captain Marvel Spoilers Ahead…

During the movie, Nick Fury uses the fact that he cannot eat diagonal toast to prove to Carol that he’s not a Skrull (aliens with the ability to shapeshift into other people). However, one fan on the r/marvelstudios subreddit points out that Fury eats a diagonal sandwich in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

[Captain Marvel SPOILERS] And possible shitpost. A small MCU continuity error? from r/marvelstudios

“There is a gag that Fury can't eat toast that has been cut diagonally. I decided to watch Age of Ultron and at about the hour and 9 min mark, Fury appears to cut a sandwich diagonally. Now, to be fair, this was un toasted bread. And he did break a peace off from it before he ate it. So maybe it only applies to toast and not sandwiches. Either way, I'm convinced that modern Fury is a skrull. Secret Invasion confirmed,” u/PowerRangersLOL wrote.

Here’s an image of Fury cutting the sandwich:

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Here he is holding said sandwich:

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Now, there are plenty of explanations as to why Fury’s bread preferences could have changed. As the original poster pointed out, maybe non-toasted bread has different rules?

Some fans commented on the post to suggest that the now-hardened Fury has gotten over his diagonal toast phobia, because he’s seen the true horrors that lurk in the world.

“Nick Fury is a harder man by Age of Ultron. He was preparing himself by doing the most terrible thing he could imagine,” u/ARTIFICIAL_SAPIENCE wrote.

Others think this is a sure-fire sign that Fury is actually a Skrull.

“Nick Fury dies in Winter Soldier for real. Fury wouldn’t need to visit his fake gravestone at the end, it was Talos visiting it as Fury,” u/ThatIowanGuy suggested. (Talos is the Skrull played by Ben Mendelsohn.)

“In all serious, the change in personality and demeanor between 1995 Fury and modern day Fury is quite alarming,” u/LTM438 wrote.

One factor that puts a damper on the Skrull theory is that Captain Marvel changed what we know about the aliens. In the comics, Skrulls are typically evil, but in Captain Marvel they end up being the good guys who were merely victims of the Kree. That means, if Fury is a Skrull, he’s not necessarily a bad guy.

Of course, there’s always the chance that the folks writing Captain Marvel didn’t realize Fury cut a sandwich in Ultron. Maybe bread really is different from toast. Or maybe, just maybe, we’re looking at this a little too closely.

What do you think? Is Nick Fury a Skrull? Tell is in the comments!

Captain Marvel is now playing in theaters everywhere. Other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies include Avengers: Endgame on April 26th, and Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 5th.



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