Charlie Cox Hands Out Daredevil Hats At A Children's Hospital

Every now and then Daredevil's Charlie Cox likes to take a break from saving the world and bring [...]

Every now and then Daredevil's Charlie Cox likes to take a break from saving the world and bring some joy to local children's hospitals.

Earlier this week Cox stopped by the Blythedale Children's Hospital to just that, a place he visited last year as well. Cox took some time with the kids, answering questions about his powers and abilities while also pointing out that he is indeed best friends with Spider-Man. He also brought them some slick Daredevil hats from Loot Crate. The hats are reversible, with The Punisher styled on the other side, but that's not all he gave the kids during his trip.

Cox also took part in a Q&A with students, staff, and faculty at Blythedale, covering topics like acting and accents as well as teamwork and his patented Daredevil costume. One of the best parts of the assembly though was when someone said: "I'll be Daredevil Jr.!" Cox told the young fan "you better start training", so don't be surprised if within the next few years you learn that Daredevil now has a sidekick.

While Cox was there he also trained a pediatric patient on how to defend against sibling rivalry, with his parent's permission of course.

Blythedale was incredibly appreciative of the visit and shared a video of the event with the caption "Thank you #CharlieCox for unmasking from the title-character of the @netflix series @Daredevil to visit patients at @Blythedale and give away some @lootcrate goodies. #TeamBlythedale #DoGoodDaredevil."

Blythedale currently has New York State's largest hospital-based pediatric therapy department and is also the state's only independent specialty children's hospital. The staff works to help children rehabilitate and return to their homes, and it' amazing that Cox took some time to bring some joy to their world.

For more on Blythedale, you can head here.

As for Cox, fans can see him suit up again as Daredevil when season 3 hits streaming services, though it isn't known if that will be Netflix or Disney's own proprietary service.

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