Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Responds to Karen Gillan Torching Spider-Man

When it comes to fantasy football, the trash talk is just as important as the win-loss record at [...]

When it comes to fantasy football, the trash talk is just as important as the win-loss record at the end of the day. So when it comes to Marvel movie actors participating in a league for charity, it's almost like you get to watch the group chat with your own friends unfold on social media, as stars like Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, and Chris Hemsworth all compete for bragging rights and their favorite non-profits. And it seems to be that Tom Holland is getting the worst of it, as Avengers: Endgame co-star Karen Gillan might not be sure who he is.

In response to an epic trash talk video posted by her opponent Ryan Reynolds, Gillan herself stated that "action speaks louder than words" and decided to burn a Deadpool figure as a show of force.

Unfortunately, she made the unfortunate mistake of getting a Spider-Man Duplo figure instead, setting that on fire with a makeshift torch, before her cameraman informed her of the mistakes identity. Either way, the point still stands, as Holland is currently sitting without a win in the fantasy league.

Reynolds, to his credit, took the time to take a break from trash talk and issue a formal apology to Holland for the egregious mistake. Gillan did the same too, pouring a little more salt onto the wound in the process.

So far, the AGBO Superhero League is shaping unto create some intense rivalries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Reynolds, Hemsworth, and Pratt are both sitting undefeated while Gillan only has one win against Avengers: Endgame co-director Joe Russo.

It's still very early in the football season, and even ESPN's fantasy football expert Matthew berry has had one of the lower-scoring teams in the league. Everything could turn around, and Holland could become the silent-but-deadly dark horse that everyone regrets trash talking by the season's end.