Eternals Producer Teases Fallout From Kingo's Decisions

Marvel fans finally got a chance to get to know some of the oldest beings in the MCU, following the debut of Eternals in theaters this past weekend. Each member of the ancient race of protectors is vastly different than their counterparts, all of them developing their own ideologies and beliefs over thousands of years on earth. They don't all believe or want the same things, which plays out rather clearly with the story of Kingo in the film's third act. WARNING: Spoilers for Eternals ahead!

When Ikaris reveals that he was responsible for Ajak's death, and that he wants to continue following the purpose of the Celestials, every Eternal has to choose a side. Well, all of them except Kingo. Kumail Nanjiani's character opts out of the final battle altogether, saying that he agrees with Ikaris but refuses to fight his family. So he simply goes home when the world is on the verge of collapse. Eternals producer Nate Moore stopped by's Phase Zero podcast and broke down Kingo's big decision, and what fallout may await him in the future.

"That would be against, what I believe, is Kingo. So, if there's a spectrum, 'I'm not all the way to Ikaris, but I don't agree with you guys.' And if you watch the movie, at no point does Kingo ever agree with their plan," Moore explained. "He is actually a pretty consistent character in what he believes and values. And again, in a movie, that for us was very much about faith and purpose. We didn't want to take, I don't want to say the easy way out, but we didn't want to take the expected route of redeeming this guy because I don't think he would have showed up at that last fight is the truth."

"I would think so," Moore continued when asked about potential fallout for Kingo. "Yeah, because again, these people went through that experience of battle and some of them are going to forgive him. And I think some of them aren't. I've read of some talk back about, for instance, the decision Sersi makes with Sprite. How can you forgive this woman? She literally stabbed you in the back, which again, we knew was going to be a big deal, but it's a friend from 7,000 years. You know what I mean? You're weighing these two things and I don't know that Sprite or Kingo are villains in that way. I think they make decisions that are counter to what, I would argue, our protagonists want, but they're not evil."

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