Kit Harington Reveals Why He's Excited and Terrified to Join Marvel

Fans are still buzzing over the news that Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is joining the Marvel [...]

Fans are still buzzing over the news that Game of Thrones star Kit Harington is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will debut as Dane Whitman AKA the Black Knight in next year's The Eternals. And given the reaction that people had to the final season of the HBO fantasy series, the actor understands that there are a lot of expectations riding on him. But that doesn't mean he's shying away from the responsibility — he's aware that the Marvel fans are just as rabid as the Game of Thrones fans.

While speaking at ACE Comic Con in Chicago this weekend, Harington addressed why he's both excited and terrified of joining the Marvel Studios family.

"A lot of people who go into something like the MCU, they haven't had experience of, maybe, a franchise that big," Harington explained. "I've lived with Thrones for ten years, I've known a big franchise and something that's created a world and it has a huge fan base. So for both reasons, I'm excited and terrified. I know the responsibility of actors who came into Thrones knowing that they're playing a beloved character and that they had a responsibility to fans and to people to do something with that character. And for me, looking at this new universe, I'm prepared because I've been part of a universe... but I also have been part of a universe, so I am terrified."

Harington also addressed his new character of Dane Whitman, explaining why he's excited to play this character.

"Coming here, I can see just how passionate people are about this world," the actor continued. "This is the first time I've met people on that level about Marvel and I'm just thrilled. It's a whole new chapter and a whole new character to start thinking about. Without saying too much at all, on the surface, [Black Knight] can look like Jon Snow in the comics but there is actually a lot to be done that is different."

He also offered another tease, possibly revealing that his character will indeed become the Black Knight in the film.

"Now I'm going with a Marvel movie. I'm going on to play a superhero, which is cool. I don't know what I can say about it, I'm scared to sort of even mention it," Harington said. "I'm trying to choose things as far away from Jon Snow as possible, but I'm playing a superhero and he's got a sword."

Eternals premieres in theaters on November 6, 2020.