Eternals: Salma Hayek Is Ready to Crossover With Zoe Saldana's Gamora

If Salma Hayek gets her way, Ajak will show up alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy at one point or another. Though the characters have little to no history together within the Marvel source material, Hayek says she'd love to act alongside Zoe Saldana, a personal friend of hers, within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"They would have a lot to talk about, and also it would be very exciting because she's a very good friend of mine," Hayek told reporters during a visit to the set of Marvel's Eternals last January.

The actor added, "That's why I'm telling you, it's kind of like a shallow when I want to work with my friend. I think it would be really cool to have the two Latina superheroes going on some special mission, but nobody is talking about the fact that they're Latinas. I'm just Ajak and she's just green."

During the same visit, Hayek revealed more about her mysterious character. According to the actor, Ajak has been left in charge to oversee the Eternals on Earth.

"So, Ajak is in charge to supervise them, bring them over. I'm trying to go around not saying she's the boss. She's the leader," Hayek explained. "I decide what I tell, when I tell them, because I'm the only one that can talk to the Celestials ... See what I'm looking at is the human characteristics, how I see them and stuff, you know?"

Hayek went on to add she views much of the group as her own children.

"I know that Kingo [Kumail Nanjiani] is the most vain of them all and the attention seeker," she added. "I see them like my kids. It's my own way of finding them, and I talked to this with Chloe [Zhao]. He's my attention seeker, okay? Then, Thena [Angelina Jolie] is the mysterious, and you never know what's going to come out in her, you know? Because she is the strongest, and in some ways the most fragile and that's the beauty in her. This is where I watch out for her."

Eternals is currently set for release on November 5th.

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