Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Erin Kellyman Explains Flag Smasher's Motivations

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is already two-thirds the way through its first season, and the show's titular heroes have more than one problem on their plate. As most Marvel fans suspected, John Walker (Wyatt Russell) has finally broken bad, and the Flag Smashers are still running amok across the world. According to Erin Kellyman — the actor behind the Flag Smasher's Karli Morgenthau — still insists her character isn't necessarily a villain.

The actor tells TVLine that Morgenthau is simply trying to get the open borders scenario during The Blip replicated again now that everyone is back.

"The people who remained kind of came together and supported each other lot more because of the traumatic event — half of the population disappearing — and the borders were open, and people came together, and there was more unity," the actor tells the website. "That's what she's trying to replicate that again, but with everybody this time."

According to Kellyman, Walker is the only one standing in the way of her and her team obtaining their goals.

"She thinks that she's fighting for the people that go unheard and unseen, the displaced people, so she's against what he's fighting for," she says. "But also, he's not her main focus. She has bigger priorities, and I think the main one is making sure that everybody that's been affected by the Blip is safe and in warm places and have medical supplies and food to eat."

Two episodes left, and it's hard telling what's going to happen next, especially now that Morgenthau is at the top of Walker's list. She was, after all, inadvertently responsible for the death of Battlestar (Cle Bennett) in the latest episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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