Falcon and the Winter Soldier Star Wyatt Russell Looks Forward to US Agent's Return

Few named heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are one-off characters, even if that means they reemerge years after they first appeared. That likely includes someone like Wyatt Russell's John Walker, the former Captain America stand-in who now goes by US Agent within franchise continuity. While Russell himself doesn't know the exact plans for his character, he recently expressed interest in reprising the role at some point in the near future.

"I really enjoy playing the character and my experience working with Marvel was an unbelievable working experience and collaborative, working with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan and Kari Skogland," he said in an interview with THR. "The teams they have there are unbelievable, it's why they make great things. So, anytime I get the opportunity or hear about the chance to reprise a character or work for Marvel again, it's very exciting because the people are wonderful. So, hopefully, I'll get to do it again. We'll see."

As seen in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Walker (Russell) is now working with Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine in a storyline that could set up a group like the Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers.

"That was [Marvel's] suggestion. We wrote a shady-ass CIA character, and Marvel was like, 'It should be Val,'" Falcon writer Malcom Spellman previously told Everyone Loves a Good Story of Dreyfus' character. "And one thing I give Marvel credit for, they are fans just like we are. They be knowing certain sh-t because they geek out. They're like, 'Oh man, what if it was Val?' Then the whole room was like, 'Oh, f-ck! Can we do that? Can we use Val?' Then they know they got one."

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