Fantastic Four's SPOILER Gets Iron Man Armor

Marvel's First Family has gone through some major evolutions over the years, with the Marvel Comics canon bringing about a lot of different changes for the Fantastic Four. The current Fantastic Four run has definitely been no exception, weaving in the group's larger family while also developing some major new canon. On the heels of a controversial reveal regarding one of the Fantastic Four members, the series' latest issue is trying to remedy that life change -- with the help of a suit of Iron Man armor. Spoilers for Fantastic Four #27 by Dan Slott, R.B. Silva, Juanan Ramirez, Ze Carlos, Chris O'Halloran, and VC's Joe Caramagna below! Only look if you want to know!

Part of the issue revolved around the ongoing story of Franklin Richards, who has been dealing with his cosmic powers disappearing after fighting the Griever. That fluctuation in his powers had an upsetting twist in Fantastic Four #26, when Professor Xavier revealed that Franklin no longer qualifies as a mutant, and is therefore no longer welcome on the mutant island of Krakoa.

As Franklin has struggled with his loss of powers - and his change in identity - his parents, Reed and Sue Richards, attempted to remedy things. Sue reassured Franklin that even without his powers, he still has a pivotal and irreplaceable part in the team. Reed also brought a physical token to try to help Frankin -- a suit of Iron Man armor, which he and Tony Stark created during the events of Empyre. As Sue puts it, the suit is the next extension of a member of the Fantastic Four getting a new costume to help with their powers, after Reed made Ben Grimm/The Thing a literal Thing Exoskeleton after he lost his powers in the 1970s.

fantastic four 27 franklin richards iron man armor
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Franklin immediately took to the idea of the suit, trying it on and thanking his parents for it. The suit also quickly came in handy, as The Griever returned for a rematch against the team, and was pleasantly surprised to find Franklin depowered. Franklin used the suit to his advantage, piloting it remotely in an attempt to confuse The Griever.


The moment is certainly an endearing one, and will hopefully help Franklin comfortably fit into a new role while he is depowered. Granted, Franklin getting an Iron Man suit definitely doesn't soften the blow of him losing his powers and being exiled from the X-Men - a moment that many fans found upsetting and problematic on the larger scale of what being a mutant represents in the Marvel universe - but it's an interesting progression nonetheless.

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