Marvel Reveals Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men Crossover Villain

The Last Annihilation is nearly upon us. After Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest, and [...]

The Last Annihilation is nearly upon us. After Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest, and Annihilation: Scourge, Marvel is using the beloved cosmic brand for at least one more event — and of it's one of the comic world's most dire situations yet. Beginning in July, The Last Annihilation will take place in seven issues spread through two titles and a series of one-shots, and will feature long-time Doctor Strange foe Dormammu as the overarching antagonist.

Helmed by writer Al Ewing, The Last Annihilation kicks off in Ewing and Juan Frigeri's Guardians of the Galaxy #16. It'll then carry over into SWORD #7 by Ewing and Valerio Schiti, before branching off into the series of one-shots.

As has been explored in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy arc, Dormammu has been able to take over Ego the Living Planet, one of the villain's plans for helping take over the entire cosmos.

"We wanted to pit our space heroes against an unexpected big bad - and I don't believe anyone guessed Dormammu, so mission accomplished," Ewing said in a press release distributed by Marvel. "With a possessed Ego the Living Planet in his grip, he's even more horrifically powerful than you remember, and he's got a new magical plan to take our entire reality for his own - one that might surprise you all over again."

In addition to Guardians of the Galaxy and SWORD, The Last Annihilation will continue in Cable: Reloaded #1, a one-shot by Ewing and Bob Quinn (Way of X). There will then be two one-shots crafted solely for the event — The Last Annihilation: Wiccan & Hulkling from Anthony Oliveira (Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling) and Jan Bazldua (X-Force); and The Last Annihilation: Wakanda from Evan Narcisse (Rise of the Black Panther) and German Peralta (King in Black: Black Panther).

Guardians of the Galaxy #16 and SWORD #7 are due out in July while Guardians of the Galaxy #17 and Cable: Reloaded currently have August release dates. Both The Last Annihilation one-shots will drop in September before the event wraps up in Guardians of the Galaxy #18 on September 22nd.