How Will An Inhumans Series Impact Agents Of SHIELD?

For years, rumors have circled about Marvel Studios and their interest in an Inhumans feature. [...]

For years, rumors have circled about Marvel Studios and their interest in an Inhumans feature. Those beliefs were confirmed when the company confirmed they were developing an Inhumans film, but plans for the project slowly fell apart. Fans wondered whether the superhuman team would ever make its way to the screen, and now fans know they will. Marvel has just announced that an Inhumans television series will debut in Fall 2017 in a move that has shocked fans.

With yet another series under its belt, Marvel TV is situating itself as one of the more prolific studios on network television. Currently, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD stands as the only cable program under the studio's control, so fans are already asking an obvious question: How will an Inhumans series impact Agents of SHIELD?

Well, the new show could change plenty. That is, if Marvel TV allows the two series to mingle.

The Inhumans made themselves known on Agents of SHIELD during the second season when Agent Coulson's team discovered the existence of terrigenesis. In true comic book fashion, zealots threatened to use the process to convert 'blessed' humans into Inhumans and destroy those without alien DNA. The plan was apparently foiled, but fans learned that millions of citizens were still exposed to terrigenesis. As such, Agents of SHIELD had an influx of superhuman characters who used their powers to various ends - and the existence of Inhumans eventually got outed to the public. Plus, there's also the fact that the show's female lead is an Inhuman herself; Daisy Johnson is better known these days as Quake, and her superhuman gifts will shake you to your core.

Currently, Agents of SHIELD is in its fourth season, and its storylines continue to revolve around the existence of Inhumans. The series recently reinstated SHIELD under a new director who doubles as an Inhuman, but the intelligence group has been preoccupied lately with the arrival of Ghost Rider.

When the Inhumans series airs next year, Agents of SHIELD will be heading into its fifth season, and the series is on-track to continue its superhuman exploration. However, it seems like Inhumans might resist a crossover when the show debuts.

How so? It comes down to the show's character line-up. While details about the upcoming series are sparse, Marvel Entertainment did say that the Royal Family will feature in the new series. If you are not familiar with the Royal Family, you should know those Inhumans are the most popular and well-known in the Marvel Universe. Characters such as Black Bolt, Medusa, and Karnak are housed within the ruling class - but they have have only be alluded to on Agents of SHIELD.

If Inhumans is poised to take place on Attila, it would be difficult for Agents of SHIELD to fold into the series. However, if the Royal Family were to find themselves on Earth, then SHIELD would probably rear its head to address its powerful visitors.


The true crossover potential between Inhumans and Agents of SHIELD will probably only be recognized if (1) the former rakes in ratings and (2) the latter retains its audience. Marvel has invested time and energy into its new series, so they would surely hesitate to convolute its storyline with a crossover. But, if fans are lucky, they might just get to watch Team Coulson run into a Lockjaw while the superpowered dog is on a walk.

So, what do you think? How do you think Inhumans will affect Agents of SHIELD moving forward? Share your comments below!