Marvel Teases Iron Man Becoming Sorcerer Supreme

Iron Man has long been one of the Avengers and leader in the Marvel superhero community. Now he may be set to follow in Doctor Strange’s footsteps and become the new Sorcerer Supreme.

SPOILERS for Invincible Iron Man #600 follow.

Tony Stark has been out of commission in the Marvel Universe since Captain Marvel landed a nearly fatal blow on him during the events of Civil War II. What Carol Danvers and the other heroes didn’t know was that Tony Stark had been tweaking his own DNA so that his body would “reboot” itself in the case of a near-death experience, it just took some time in a coma to get Tony back online.

But now he’s back. Not only that, but Tony was able to use the same trick to bring his fallen friend, James Rhodes, back to life as well. He then went off and helped beat the Hood’s new crew and save his mother from his father’s friends in Hydra.

The entire issue is narrated by the artificial intelligence Tony Stark created to train his protege, the genius Riri Williams, as she took on the superhero persona of Ironheart in an attempt to live up to Iron Man’s example. The artificial intelligence was modeled after Tony himself, with all of his intelligence and ego intact. Because no one knows Tony Stark better than Tony Stark, the AI is able to predict much of what Tony has done and will do.

At the end of the issue, the AI notes that he knows what’s next for Tony Stark. Readers then see a scene of the mutant Eva Bell, whose powers involve time-manipulation and time travel, visiting Dr. Anthony Stark, the Sorcerer Supreme.

Tony Stark Sorcerer Supreme

If this scene gives you deja vu, know that it isn’t just you. These pages are actually reprinted from All-New X-Men Annual #1, a comic written by outgoing Iron Man writer Brian Michael Bendis in 2014. The story involved Eva Bell traveling into the future and meeting the X-Men of the year 2099. She also met the sorcerer supreme, Magik. She lived a life in that era, got married, had a daughter, and studied with Magik, but was forced to go back in time to avert catastrophe. When she returned to the year 2099, she found it had changed. Her family was gone and Tony Stark was the Sorcerer Supreme.


Invincible Iron Man #600 seems to indicate that the Marvel Universe is now heading in the direction of this version of the year 2099. With a new era set to begin in the new series Tony Stark: Iron Man, could this be foreshadowing what writer Dan Slott has in mind for Tony?

Invincible Iron Man #600 is on sale now.