James Gunn Confirms 2022 Release for I Am Groot Series on Disney+

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is currently in production, and it's not the only Guardians-themed content to look forward to. Not only is the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special expected to hit Disney+ next year, but there will also be a series of animated shorts titled I Am Groot, which will follow the misadventures of Baby Groot. Earlier today, director James Gunn confirmed that I Am Groot will be coming in 2022.

"Wait I am Groot is 2022?? @JamesGunn can you confirm?," @JoshDGomes asked on Twitter. "I can confirm. #IAmGrootm," Gunn replied. You can check out the tweets below:

"A lot of times on the first movie we were like, 'Are we even putting Groot in this movie?' Because Sean [Gunn] plays Rocket on set, and he's so present as Rocket that you're very aware of Rocket as a character," James Gunn previously explained in a 2017 interview. "The guy playing Groot was a stand-in on the last movie and so we just kind of always forgot he was there. He doesn't talk very much, so you're doing all these scenes, and when we have the scenes in the movie where they turn to Groot and Groot's like, 'Why are you forgetting me?' That's really what we felt like while we were shooting the first film."

"I think also, the whole personality of Groot and who he was, it was there on the page and then you forget about it while you were shooting the first movie," Gunn continued. "But now everyone knows Groot so well that we have much larger awareness, me and the cast, of a baby Groot being there at all times. And him being one of the members in the scene...I think he's a better-written character than the first Groot in some ways. Not that he was poorly written at all, but I think he's just more complete character."

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I Am Groot is set to premiere exclusively on Disney+ in 2022. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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