James Gunn Says There's A Big Guardians Of The Galaxy Easter Egg That Everyone Has Missed

Guardians of the Galaxy

director James Gunn told ComicBook.com last night that there are still some "Easter eggs" in the film, including at least one pretty big one, that haven't yet been spotted online or called to his attention.

That's right: In spite of being the year's top-grossing film at the U.S. box office, garnering a rabid following of fans who eagerly awaited its Blu-ray release and dozens or hundreds of stories online breaking down all the little winks and nods buried within, the collective might of the Internet has been no match for the depth of stuff buried in Guardians.

"Yeah, there's definitely some things that people haven't seen," Gunn said. "There's definitely one really big thing that people haven't seen, but they may never see it -- we'll see. There's other things, too. The other day, I posted on my Instagram a picture of the other guys going for the Infinity Stone in the temple of Morag and I didn't see anybody bringing that up until just a couple of weeks ago."


#gotgpicoftheday One of the panels in the temple on Morag. #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy Blu Ray out in the UK today!

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Added the director, "I do notice that people are noticing more things now that they've got the digital download. People are starting to see things that they didn't notice in the theaters, even those people who saw it twenty times."

He didn't elaborate or provide any hints as to what it might be.


You can get the movie, legally and in high resolution, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, UltraViolet and iTunes. And you should -- and then tell us what the heck we missed.

You can see our full interview with Gunn this afternoon.