Kevin Smith Calls Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Trailer the Highlight of Comic-Con for Him

Kevin Smith had a big year at San Diego Comic-Con, even bigger than normal. As usual the filmmaker took to Hall H and had his own panel, where he showed of and talked about the upcoming Clerks III, but he also spent a great deal of time promoting the upcoming sequel in a big way on the convention floor (including an interview with Even with all of the talk he did about his own work though Smith is a fan at heart and had high praise for what was shown off by the other attendees at the convention, like Marvel and DC. There was a clear winner for Smith though, the teaser trailer for James Gunn's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

"The Guardians trailer hands down the absolute highlight of Comic-Con for me, and I say that as a guy who showed the first five minutes of his movie and it was insanely warmly received and and welcomed," Smith revealed on his latest FatMan Beyond podcast. "It's scored to the Flaming Lips song 'Do You Realize' which is a pretty emotional affair to begin with since we know that this is the third and final outing for the Guardians there's already emotion there packed in. (James Gunn's visuals continue to grow and stun not like they needed to grow but like he's doing sh-t here he's not done before, beautiful things that match that music so well there's a sense of finality to it all.

Smith went on to praise the look of Will Poulter as Adam Warlock, saying he looked amazing, while also praising the teased plot thread of Gamora and Star-Lord's unlikely reunion.

"We saw of course all the Guardians, they teased a storyline involving the Gamora from the different timeline and Peter which looks like Star-Crossed heartbreakingly good. She has a moment where he talks about like who she was to him who Gomorrah was and she's just like, not cold or sh-tty, but she's just like 'I'm not that person' and you're like 'Oh my God.' 

The filmmaker's praise was amplified talking about a key component of the trailer though, the tease Baby Rocket Raccoon that appeared in the footage.

"They include what looks like what could only be flashbacks to his origin, how he became and there's one shot that destroyed the room, destroyed me, my kid who was right next to me. I talked about it on the panel, the whole H panel which is up on my YouTube Channel right now, it is a heart f-cking breaking shot of a scared Rocket. First a hand is coming in at him and then they cut to him and he's kind of shrinking back with scared baby eyes. Bro I'm getting emotional just thinking about it now. Oh my God it was so beautiful it's only two minutes of what promises to be over a two-hour movie and all they needed was that one shot. They could have just put up that those two shot, put up the release date and would have brought the the room to their feet. It was beautiful, simply beautiful."

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be released in theaters on May 5, 2023.