William Shatner Joins Cast of Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revolution at Comic-Con 2022

Straight from the Masters of the Universe 40th Anniversary Panel at San Diego Comic-Con comes official word on casting for Netflix and Kevin Smith's animated series Masters of the Universe: Revolution which welcomes Star Trek legend William Shatner to the cast. ComicBook.com's Kofi Outlaw was on hand to break the news at the event, confirming that Shatner has joined the voice cast but no official word on who he will be playing was revealed. Smith did tell an amusing story about "how he tried to direct the iconic actor," only to be told by Shatner he did not have the "honor" of doing so just yet.

Another big announcement from the panel saw Kevin Smith confronted by his choice to not have He-Man featured in every episode of Master of the Universe: Revelations season one. The series showrunner defended his decision for the first batch of episodes that are on Netflix but confirmed that thanks to the internet backlash, He-Man will be present in every bit of Master of the Universe: Revolution, the second season that features a brand new title. Smith also teased other iconic franchise characters like Hordak will soon make their debut as well.

"After Revelation comes REVOLUTION," Smith previously wrote about season two of the show. "I'm ecstatic to be making more [Masters of the Universe] with [Mattel] and [Powerhouse Animation] for [Netflix]! Big thanks to everyone who streamed our show last summer! You gave us the Power to go back to Grayskull for another epic Eternal adventure!"

According to the show's announcement as part of Netflix's Geeked Week, MOTU: Revolution will be treated as a new miniseries picking up after the end of Masters of the Universe: Revelation. As for what to expect from the new series, details remain vague at the moment.

Speaking previously with ComicBook.com, Smith offered his thoughts on where another batch of episodes for the show could go, telling us: "We are in a place now where we get to figure out if we get to go again. Based on the first round of episodes, things were looking very positive. Hopefully, based on dropping Part 2 and how many people finished the whole thing...if that's all positive, if we reached what they call 'efficiency' then we might get to do it again," Smith explained before telling fans about potential future seasons, "Fingers crossed, so watch the sh-- out of it if you want to see more. That's how we get to do it again. I hope we get to do it again. It'd be so good to do it again cause I got ideas."