Kevin Smith Opens Mooby's at Comic-Con 2022

Kevin Smith opened up a Mooby's location at San Diego Comic-Con. Clerks 3 is approaching quickly and the film has a massive presence at the convention this weekend. People are piling in to the location to get their Cheese Steaks and drinks. Clerks fans have been waiting for this opportunity for a while. It's been interesting to see so many people on social media finally getting their shot. Check out what the director had to say about the big day right here.

"The @MoobysPopUp at the @tinroofsandiego is officially open! Come have a cow (literally) or save a cow (figuratively) by downing an @UnrealDeli Vegan Cheese Steak! When you need to feed and hydrate during @Comic_Con, eat like you're in a @ClerksMovie! Tix:," Smith tweeted.

"I can't wait. We're taking over the Tin Roof Inn, turning it into a Mooby's, and that's going to be our hub for the whole week," Smith previously said on his podcast. "So during the day, Mooby's will be open. We'll be doing some streaming things; I believe we're going to be doing Fatman Beyond live every day, like a kind of 'this is what happened at the con today'…and then at night, we'll be doing the shows in the space because we have the space for 150, 200 seat audience. Normally we do shows when we're down there...we'll do them there at the space, so people can eat Mooby's, get their drink on, watch the show. It's going to be a good time."

Clerks 3 broke a record for Fathom Events for special screenings. September will see audiences flying into theaters to see the newest Smith movie. In a one or two-night event, people will get to be a part of the advance screening. Selling that many tickets is a tall order. 

"It played very f---ing well. I was so delighted," Smith told his co-host during an episode of his podcast Fatman Beyond. "It comes out through Fathom Events screenings on September 13th and 15th. We just heard from them a report that they sold more f---ing tickets in advance than they've ever sold before. We're months out from the screening, but since the trailer went up and the tickets went on-sale, they got a lot of pre-buys for that."

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