Kevin Smith Reviews Ms. Marvel: "I Absolutely Love It"

Once again a new piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe puzzle has arrived in the form of Ms. Marvel, and with it some fresh thoughts from filmmaker and professional fanboy Kevin Smith. Speaking on the latest episode of his FatMan Beyond Live podcast, Smith praised the series and star Iman Vellani, calling her "a f-cking star." The comic scribe revealed that he wasn't super familiar with the character of Kamala Khan but found that the series itself is doing something that few other projects in this sphere are doing, aiming for a younger audience to get them interested in the larger world of Marvel and its characters.

"What a charming show, I absolutely love it," Smith said. "It makes me like miss being a teenager; very whimsical, wistful. That kid's a f-cking star. I wasn't crazy familiar with that character, but it just plays like Spider-Man origin story, not as dire right? There's no like 'Holy sh-t, Uncle Ben got killed,' but it's the perfect entry point for kids to a comic book, or in this instance to a comic book property. So many people sh-t on that because they're like 'Well it ain't for me,' and it's like, I know but there was a time where comics were primarily for who they're going after with this show, a younger audience. Everybody can enjoy The Avengers and stuff but you need to hook kids when they're young if you want to grow them up into people that continue liking this sh-t when they get older. So much so that when they have kids they're like 'Oh we got to watch these Marvel things because I used to watch them with my parents.'"

Concluding his thoughts on the Ms. Marvel series, Smith added: "I find it charming as f-ck man like and i think it's exactly right for the audience that they're trying to reach and I'm not that audience but it's working for me. Those directors are incredibly talented. Like they just figure out how to work graphics into everything and stuff...I absolutely dig it, you know last episode there wasn't as much you know super heroics and sh-t, and even so it still carried all the way through. I was never like 'move on!' it was interesting like they're showing me a world that I'm unfamiliar with and I don't just mean like the world a muslim family but like teenagers today.... I've dug it i think it's wonderful."

The first four episodes of Ms. Marvel are  streaming now exclusively on Disney+!