Marvel Reveals the Identity of the New Carnage

Absolute Carnage is hurtling towards a conclusion with the penultimate issue hitting shelves this [...]

Absolute Carnage is hurtling towards a conclusion with the penultimate issue hitting shelves this week. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have a number of surprises in store for audiences in Issue #4, but chief among them might be that Carnage has a brand new host. Now, the thriller has placed Eddie Brock and some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes up against some very steep odds. Carnage has been plucking codexes out from so many figures in the Marvel Universe and is so close to his goal of ultimate power. The issue brings him right up to the doorstep of achieving that goal. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Absolute Carnage Avengers! Continue reading at your own risk...

As that issue opens, The Avengers are just getting a read on how far this Carnage infection has spread. New York City is not safe and Captain America gets a timely assist from Spider-Man in stopping a small wave of the Symbiote creatures. They take their findings to the Fantastic Four's house where they meet up with some other heroes to diagnose the situation. There the Web-Slinger delivers a bit of a bombshell to Captain America. Norman Osborn is the new Carnage. Cletus Kasady is now something more like a god in the pages of the main book of this event.

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Eddie Brock is dealing with that knowledge firsthand over in Absolute Carnage this week. The Venom symbiote actually left him to go join up with the Hulk. Unfortunately, when Hulk runs off to go fight Kasady, he gets thumped pretty quickly. The evil symbiote takes control of Banner's newfound powers and assimilates the creature, which gives him a very metal looking new appearance. Now, it is going to be up to Brock to settle this thing once and for all.

This event has focused on those Symbiotes literally spanning the globe to get those codexes from anyone that had ever possessed one of the creatures' powers before. Miles Morales basically theorizes that the old Carnage getting control of Venom is just about the worst-case scenario. Instead of having to rip information out of people one at a time, the monster now has a cheat code to gain a bunch of that information much more quickly. Luckily for the heroes. Brock gets a power boost right before the end of the issue to stop him. In the end, it is only right that the final issue of Absolute Carnage ends up being Symbiote against Symbiote.