Marvel Announces Extreme Carnage

If Absolute Carnage wasn't potent enough for you, Marvel Comics is ready o go to extremes. On [...]

If Absolute Carnage wasn't potent enough for you, Marvel Comics is ready o go to extremes. On Tuesday, Marvel Comics announced Extreme Carnage Alpha, kicking off a new saga around the titular symbiote. Phillip Kennedy Johnson, the Eisner-nominated writer of Marvel's new Alien series, writes the issue. The artist for the issue was not revealed, but Marvel did reveal teaser art by Leinil Francis Yu and Sonny Gho featuring Carnage, Phage, Scream, Lasher, Riot, Agony, and a classified final symbiote to be revealed sometime after the conclusion of the current King in Black event series. You can see the teaser art below.

Marvel's description of the story reads, "The Life Foundation symbiotes have always tried to reconcile the sometimes-noble intentions of their hosts with the often-bloodthirsty impulses of the symbiotes. But the Life Foundation symbiotes aren't the only symbiotes who find themselves reinvented after King in Black and Carnage has plans for his younger siblings."

Extreme Carnage Teaser
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Johnson says in a press release, "After King in Black, everything we thought we knew about the symbiotes will have changed. Every man, woman, and child in the Marvel Universe will finally understand the massive threat the symbiotes represent, and the symbiotes that are still among us are now in the crosshairs of some extremely angry, scared, and powerful forces. In the pages of Extreme Carnage, we'll not only explain what Carnage is in this new, post-King in Black era, but also see a return-to-form for the deadliest symbiotes that have ever lived while putting them on a lethal new path for the future."

The last time fans saw Carnage was in the Absolute Carnage event. The symbiote, once again bonded to serial killer Cletus Kasady, became the prophet of Knull, the god of symbiotes. Venom managed to slay Kasady and the Venom symbiote absorbed Carnage, though Kadady's consciousness seemed to survive within the symbiote.

Woody Harrelson will play Kasady in the upcoming film Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The movie was delayed into late 2021.

Are you excited about Extreme Carnage? Who do you think the classified symbiote is going to be? Let us know in the comments section.

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