Marvel Fan Gets the Entire MCU Involved in Agatha All Along Video

Last week's episode of WandaVision was a big one that featured a huge reveal! Fans long suspected that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) was actually Agatha Harkness, which was confirmed in the best way possible. The show continued its homage to classic sitcoms with a throwback to shows like The Addams Family and The Munsters with a little song called "Agatha All Along." The music for the series was done by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez who are best known for creating the music for Frozen and Coco, and their latest WandaVision song has taken the Internet by storm. "Agatha All Along," which lept to number one on iTunes' soundtrack charts, has already gotten some great fan treatments. The latest comes from the podcast @slayerfestx98, which took clips of all of the MCU stars dancing and set it to "Agatha All Along."

"Good morning here’s everyone in the MCU havin' a dance to our new favorite song bc why not," they wrote. You can check out the clip in the tweet below:

This week, WandaVision's cinematographer, Jess Hall, explained how "Agatha All Along" came together. Hall shared with Collider that the different moments of the "Agatha All Along" sequence were actually filmed in order, at the tail end of each respective sitcom era.

"Because you know, she's in that period costume, there's a transition where she goes from one costume to another, which obviously was a little different, that was shot slightly out of sequence," Hall explained. "But generally, we got those shots when we were on those sets, because the sets were dressed period-specific and we didn't want to have to go back and redress a house or redress the street for that period. So we'd try to shift out of our sitcom world at the end of that work, and we'd be like, okay, right now, we're going to do all our 'Agatha All Along' moment. I mean, they're very specific shots, they're all single shots, so they often required a type of camera platform or type of crane or some sort of camera move that might not be used in the rest of the episode. It would require a little bit of a kind of shift and methodology for us. But yeah, we largely did them in sequence."

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