WandaVision: Marvel Fans Create Agatha All Along Covers With Classical Instruments

Full spoilers for WandaVision ahead! Marvel's WandaVision delivered a shocking episode last week but also a brand new bop that has the internet talking with the new song "Agatha All Along." The credits for the episode confirm that the official title of the song is technically "It Was ______ All Along," but the shorter title has caught fire after the episode's release and the debut of the single on iTunes and Spotify. The popularity of the song, one of several originals written for the Disney+ series by Frozen song writing team and Oscar winners Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, has spawned covers by Marvel fans with more arriving every day. Check out some of the new ones below!

The song from last week's episode came at a pivotal moment, where Wanda entered the basement in Agnes' home and learned that her neighbor (played by the inimitable Kathryn Hahn) was actually a witch too, Agatha Harkness. This moment lead directly into the song but was also a time where Marvel President Kevin Feige told the creators of the series to tap into what makes a sequence like this truly scary, one of the MCU's first. Director of photography Jess Hall revealed in a new interview that Feige had one note for the sequence.

"You go down into a basement, you're headed for darkness. So I just really was playing with that very simple iconography," he revealed to Cinema Blend. "And finally, I could kind of get into my full MCU dramatic-film-lighting, which I've been looking forward to for a while. So just embracing all the kind of LED technology that we have our disposal now, and a great set design by Mark Worthington, and embracing the darkness. You know, that was Kevin Feige's note was, 'This needs to be dark and scary.'"

Two episodes remain in the hit new series, and with what we can only assume is a full "Agatha" centric episode of the series set to air soon, we can all hope for another song.


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