New 'Marvel's Runaways' Posters Showcase The Pride

New posters from Marvel and Hulu's Runaways feature the Pride, a cabal of supervillains.The five [...]

New posters from Marvel and Hulu's Runaways feature the Pride, a cabal of supervillains.

The five posters showcase actors Annie Wersching (Leslie Dean), Kip Pardue (Frank Dean), Brittany Ishibashi (Tina Minoru), Ever Carradine (Janet Stein), James Marsters (Victor Stein), Brigid Brannagh (Stacey Yorkes), Kevin Weisman (Dale Yorkes), Angel Parker (Catherine Wilder) and Ryan Sands (Geoffrey Wilder) as the supervillain parents of the teen super-group.

In the Marvel Comics by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona, the crime organization consisted of the teens' respective elders: the Wilders were mob bosses, the Yorkes were time travelers, the Hayeses were mutant telepaths, the Steins were scientists, the Deans were aliens, and the Minorus were dark wizards.

Producer Jeph Loeb praised the young adult series for its faithfulness to the comic books, attributing the exactness of the adaptation to showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who received input from Vaughn.

"I think one of the things that's very exciting about it is that from the very beginning Josh and Stephanie were not just respectful, but really wanted to do right by it and that was part of the reason why we picked them to be the showrunners on it," Loeb said.

"This obviously was a property that we knew had that kind of special quality to it."

"He was very polite, and said 'I don't want anyone to feel weird that I'm there,'" Loeb said of Vaughn and his induction into the writers' room, where Vaughn stayed for a month.

"A lot of the things he wanted to do [in the comics], in particular to tell the story from the point of view of the parents, was not something he had ever been able to do," Loeb explained. "Being able to see it in this medium, and being able to see it with this extraordinary cast, for him, it's also been sort of an exciting thing to do."

Season one of Runaways is now streaming exclusively on Hulu.