Moon Knight Featurette Reveals How Marc Spector and Steven Grant Shared the Screen

A new Moon Knight featurette released by Marvel reveals the effort which went into bringing multiple characters portrayed by Oscar Isaac to the screen at the same time. From the show's first episode, mirrors or other opportunities to show Marc Spector interacting with Steven Grant called for Isaac to play different personalities which are inhabiting the same body. In several moments through the later half of the show's freshman season, two characters played by Isaac shared the same physical space. Now, the movie magic has been revealed.

"First off, hats off to Jeremy Slater, our head writer, and then obviously clearly hats off to Oscar who did amazing performance," Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis said on the Phase Zero podcast. "Without Oscar, we're not talking Marc Spector, we're not talking Steven Grant. And then clearly our directors, Mohamed Diab and Benson and Moorhead. But really, when I started that sentence off, it was hats off to Jeremy Slater because Jeremy and our incredible room of writers, it was really through Jeremy who said, 'I want to introduce the audience through the lens and through the eyes of Steven Grant because Steven Grant is learning all this real time as the audience is. So, if I can put the audience in the same shoes as Steven, we're cooking with gas.' And that was Jeremy."

As it turns out, Isaac's brother stood in for him in sequences which called for Steven and Marc to interact. The video below showcases the technical elements of the production which allowed for the seamless interactions to exist.

Moon Knight is not the first Marvel Studios production to call for multiple versions of characters or actors to be in the same settings. Avengers: Endgame, for example, called for two versions of Chris Evans' Captain America to interact and the Loki series saw multiple versions of Tom Hiddleston's titular character co-existing. The next time we see Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not only will we get to explore the Jake Lockley character formally introduced in the show's post-credits scene but the past might just come into play. Curtis express an interest in diving into the Bushman character, one who is well-known from Moon Knight's origin story in comics and was mentioned in the series.

"We talked Bushman. We talked to everybody," Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis said on the Phase Zero podcast when asked if the series considered introducing Bushman. "What we did do, one of the initial tasks, was to go through and read every comic that he ever appeared in. So, we were reading West Coast Avengers. We were reading all the different Moon Knights and trying to see is there an issue that we want to absolutely do as our series? And what we found out is that there wasn't a particular issue or a particular run. It was really those tones and themes that have been written so amazingly over the decades that we wanted to shine a spotlight on. And you guys know those tones and themes cause I know you like the comic. But it is that globetrotting action adventure, very Indiana Jones-esque. It is the Egyptology inherent in Marc Spector and Khonshu's origin story. It's the spooky grittiness that makes Marc Spector in Moon Knight and Steven Grant and Jake Lockley, bless you, sing. And so cool. And it's also the comedy that's in this series."

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