Moon Knight's Super Powers Explained, Once and For All

Moon Knight introduced some new heroes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the titular hero and his alter ego Mr. Knight. With Moon Knight going on a globetrotting adventure throughout his debut series, there were plenty of action sequences and other opportunities to show off much of what the character powered by Khonshu is capable of. As the series left some of Moon Knight's power set undefined, the series' executive producer Grant Curtis joined's Phase Zero podcast to outline what Moon Knight is capable of.

"He's got it going on in this series," Curtis said. "Hey, he's got a healing factor. He bounces back. When he gets shot or stabbed, he heals. He doesn't heal right away. He's not immortal. If you get him the right way, he's going to go down for good. But thankfully in our show he got back up. He can glide. He's stronger than most people. He's faster. So it's a little bit like a super soldier, like my pal the Green Goblin from [2002's Spider-Man]. Not quite the same thing but a little stronger, a little faster. Heels, glides, kicks ass, takes names, the usual."

When it comes to whether or not Moon Knight can fly, "He can glide," Curtis said. "He can glide. And it was glide assisted by Khonshu, the god of the night sky, and a little wind generated there."

There is no word yet on whether or not Moon Knight is going to have a second season. Given the character is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now, another appearance is seemingly inevitable. When we do see the character again, he might just level up some of the gadgets and powers. "There's so much groovy stuff out there," Curtis said. "We just scratched the surface with the crescent darts and the truncheons and all that. He's got a whole bag of tricks that we didn't even get into. So yeah, I'd say when and if and where this character lands, he'll have a new tool chest."

Where do you want to see Moon Knight pop up again? Share your thoughts in the comment section! Moon Knight is available now on Disney+. Phase Zero is available now on all major podcast platforms.