New Image Of Brie Larson As Captain Marvel Surfaces From The Set

Fans finally got to see Brie Larson in a version of her Captain Marvel outfit, and this latest [...]

Fans finally got to see Brie Larson in a version of her Captain Marvel outfit, and this latest image provides the best look yet.

The new image shows Larson walking towards the camera in her new suit, which features a green and black design with silver accents. You can really see how the entire suit comes together here, with the more military and cosmic aspects of the suit showing through.

It looks like a suit a soldier would wear, which is fitting because of her half-Kree nature. The Kree take pride in their more militant warrior culture, and Larson's suit definitely fits that theme, both in design and color scheme. What's unknown of course is how Marvel Studios will deal with her origin story, but the film does star Jude Law as Mar-Vell, so it will likely resemble it rather closely, albeit with a few tweaks.

You can view the new image above.

Now, the suit is likely to change of course throughout the film, with her getting the more well known Captain Marvel colors by film's end. That means everyone can stop freaking out that the suit's green, as it makes sense when you consider her journey in the comics.

The costume actually looks rather spiffy, though like everyone else we also can't wait to see her get the iconic colors.

Originally it was thought that these photos came from Avengers 4, but now it appears as if they actually originate from the Captain Marvel solo film. The film is shooting a bit of footage so it can take advantage of a tax credit and then will take a short hiatus until full production resumes.

As for Larson, she describes Captain Marvel as "a believer in truth and justice and she is a bridge between Earth and space." Larson also told SciFiNow magazine that the hero is quite funny. "She's fighting between the flaws that are within her and all this good that she wants to try and spread and make the world a better place. She can also fly and shoot things out of her hands. And she's really funny!"

We can't wait for Larson's Captain Marvel to hit the big screen, and it is scheduled to land in theaters on March 8, 2019.