'Runaways' Season 2 Apparently Starts Filming

The first season of Marvel's Runaways ended at the beginning of the year, leaving the team of [...]

The first season of Marvel's Runaways ended at the beginning of the year, leaving the team of superpowered teens (and their pet dinosaur) in a dangerous situation as they take to the streets.

But it doesn't seem like people will have to wait long to see how everything turns out when the show picks up, as Season Two is now in production. The confirmation comes from Virginia Garnder's Instagram Story, where she, Gregg Sulkin (Chase), Rhenzy Feliz (Alex), and Ariela Barer (Gert) play a game of "let's throw loafs of bread at each other."

The group appears to be on a soundstage, and many of the actors' production chairs are visible in the short video clips. The Instagram Story is unavailable, but we did take a screenshot of Gardner conniving with Sulkin in the Great Bread War.

(Photo: Virginia Gardner / Instagram)

Production Weekly previously stated that filming would begin in April, but Hulu or showrunners Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz have yet to reveal if they've started rolling on the new season. These videos of the actors on set are the only major confirmation we've received thus far.

Allegra Acosta, who plays Molly on Runaways, recently posted a video of her practicing her boxing skills with a trainer, referencing it as preparation of the new season. It's safe to say that Molly will continue on in her ass-kicking ways.

It's likely that Julian McMahon will continue to torment the teens as Jonah, as the kids temporarily thwarted his attempts to awaken a gigantic, cosmic deity resting beneath the surface of Los Angeles.

With Jonah now in league with Frank Dean, the other parents in PRIDE have all seemingly turned on their mysterious leader, and while they don't trust each other they do share a common goal in getting rid of him.

But with the kids on the run and pledging to take their parents down, they get caught up in the murder they were trying to solve when a news broadcast claims they all had a hand in the death of Destiny Gonzalez, the young woman who went missing in the very first episode.

It's in the Season One Finale's closing moments that kids actually end up running away, escaping down an alley with Old Lace in tow.

We're not sure yet when Season Two will pick up, if it will show the immediate aftermath of their actions or if the series will experience a time jump. Hopefully we learn more about the show's return to Hulu very soon.

Runaways Season One is now streaming on Hulu.

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