Ryan Reynolds Has the Perfect Response to Deadpool Halloween Costume Complaints

At this point the personalities of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool are so intertwined that it's genuinely hard to tell them apart. That's in part due to the fact that Reynolds is so good at mimicking those signature Deadpool mannerisms on social media, thereby keeping the character alive for fans, even when between movies.

Reynolds was in full Deadpool mode just recently, when the mother of a young boy tweeted him to playfully express her "complaint" with her son's Deadpool costume.

Check out the actors witty response:

...As only Deadpool could put it, ladies and gents.

It's moments like this (on a consistent basis) that make Ryan Reynolds so enjoyable in the Deadpool role. The actor campaigned for the part for so long that it became a fan-favorite wish, before finally happening just a few years back. He's certainly demonstrated gratitude since the success of Deadpool, whether donning the costume for charity, or simple things like the above.


Meanwhile, Deapool 2 is in post-production, and will be part of a big expansion of the X-Men movie franchise in 2018. The sequel hits theaters on June 1, 2018; it will be preceded by The New Mutants on April 13th, and followed by X-Men: Dark Phoenix November 2, 2018.