SNL Makes Fun of WandaVision Fan Theories

WandaVision’s wild fan theories got a mention on SNL this week. A fan favorite sketch called “What’s Wrong With This Picture” with Kenan Thompson absolutely done with the contestants in the fake game show. As they tried to guess about a picture that had letters instead of numbers on a clock, someone said that the doctor in the image was trying to explain the plot of the hit Disney+ series. Poor Kenan was beside himself as they missed his easy clues. Let’s just say that the theorizing around this fake game show was quite a bit less intense than the speculation swirling around WandaVision. It’s been a month and change now since the series ended, and there are still some sore feelings about how the ending shook out. (Seriously, check the Twitter trends for Mephisto and see how many people are still wondering where the X-Men are along with the demon.) So, the show will probably become a bit of shorthand for misplaced audience expectations for the next few years.

When talking about those fan theories, series writer Jac Schaeffer says that there was never going to be any Quicksilver from the FOX movies in the MCU. She told Screenrant that fans got a little bit too excited.

"It was always the intention that Evan be fake Pietro," she told the publication. "That he was not, in fact, the MCU Quicksilver. Then beyond that, I can't actually remember when those decisions were made. It was very early tied to his storyline that he was Agatha's puppet. He was a young man living nearby; she had taken over his house and was holding him hostage. We really loved it. It was at the service of Agatha's character, because we loved the idea that every time she would complain about her husband, she was actually speaking out loud about the man she was holding hostage. It's just so mean; it's so mean."

In some other comments to Variety, the showrunner talked about how she didn’t expect that decision to cause this X-Men avalanche.


“I couldn’t have anticipated… I don’t know, maybe Mary Livanos and Kevin Feige are like, “Yeah, it’s like this every time.” But I’m like, these theories are crazy!,” she joked. “So it wasn’t that was not part of my thinking, and also, that’s not my department. I am lucky enough that I get to hear about the other projects and sometimes I’m involved and their conversations. I know a little bit about all the things that Lizzie’s been up to. But that’s a bigger, fancier thing, what you’re asking about.”

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