Spider-Man: Far From Home Stars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal Have Been Cosplaying as SNL's Roxbury Guys

The press tours for Marvel movies are grueling marathons, and stars have found some fun ways to [...]

The press tours for Marvel movies are grueling marathons, and stars have found some fun ways to keep the experience of hotel hopping and repetitive questioning fresh. Well in the case of Spider-Man: Far From Home stars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal, their choice of fashion for publicity events has fans questioning if they aren't playing a prank of their own.

Check out what Holland and Gyllenhaal have been wearing to Spider-Man: Far From Home's premiere and press events, and then compare it to the Night at the Roxbury guys from the late-90s era of Saturday Night Live:

I knew those outfits looked familiar from r/marvelstudios

If you don't know, back when Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan were still making their respective climbs through the ranks of SNL, they had a breakout recurring sketch playing Steve and Doug Butabi. The two "club guy" caricatures had a penchant for invading women's personal space on the dance floor with some tag-team moves that sent drinks flying and women scrambling to escape. The sketch was popular enough to be spun out into a 1998 movie, whose biggest claim to notoriety is how savagely it was receive. Night at the Roxbury only extended the myth of the "SNL Curse," which was attributed to the many failed attempts to spin the show's sketches into movies.

In case you you think the moment of Gyllenhaal and Holland's "fashion ode" was just coincidence, here are a few more pictures to consider:

Like so many stars doing a major movie press tour, Holland and Gyllenhaal probably have a stylist (or stylists) who simply keeps them looking sharp, according to the latest trends in men's fashion. Of course, the two stars could also be having a bit of fun with their wardrobe choices, which would be perfectly understandable, as well. As stated, Marvel movie press tours are really grueling in their length and repetitiveness - a few in-jokes to keep things light is probably a good idea.

If this isn't in any way an intentional ode to Night at the Roxbury, it must be said: Gyllenhaal isn't helping his case by wearing that chain.

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