'The New Mutants' Rumored to Be Delayed Again, Possibly Released on Hulu

Despite the impending acquisition of 20th Century Fox by the Walt Disney Company, it's still [...]

Despite the impending acquisition of 20th Century Fox by the Walt Disney Company, it's still business as usual as they gear up to release X-Men: Dark Phoenix. But what about the other mutant-focused film in the pipeline, the oft-delayed The New Mutants?

That film was originally supposed to be released on April 13, 2018, before being delayed to February 22nd of this year. It's been pushed back once again to August 2nd, though that date has now been called into question according to a recent rumor.

Scott Bechtel of Merc With a Podcast stated that Fox and director Josh Boone were having difficulties coming to terms with the final cut, and that The New Mutants could be released on Hulu later in the fall.

Since the Disney acquisition has yet to be finalized, Fox is operating under a "business as usual" policy with their films, and The New Mutants has not yet been pushed back officially.

But with Disney set to purchase 20th Century Fox and other entertainment assets from their parent company, many fans have speculated that these X-Men films could be in jeopardy as the franchises will fall under the control of Marvel Studios. But producer Simon Kinberg previously confirmed to IGN that the film's are on track for their release dates.

Kinberg spoke about the reshoots underway on The New Mutants and confirmed they were to make the movie lean heavier into its horror influences.

"Audiences really embraced the notion of a superhero movie or a comic book movie that was, in its core, a horror film," Kinberg said.

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Magik in the film, previously spoke to Collider about the reshoots and conveyed the same sentiment.

"I think we're making the movie that we set out to make, in the beginning," said Taylor-Joy. "That's what we're going to end up delivering to people. It feels like the movie we all signed up to do, which is good."

The New Mutants is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters on August 2nd.