How 'Thor: Ragnarok' Had Secret Green Lantern Crossover According To Director

It seems Thor: Ragnarok and DC's Green Lantern had a crossover right under the audience's nose, [...]

It seems Thor: Ragnarok and DC's Green Lantern had a crossover right under the audience's nose, and it all involved a Shake Weight.

So here's how that crossover...shakes out! Sorry, couldn't resist. Moving on from the puns, Ragnarok director Taika Waititi was briefly in the DC universe for 2011's Green Lantern. As it turns out, he brought something from Green Lantern to Ragnarok, which can be seen in a scene with Karl Urban's Skurge. At one point Skurge is bragging about his collection of prizes from earth, and one of those is a Shake Weight.

"The Shake Weight is actually a DC crossover," Waititi told Fandango "Oh, that's my Shake Weight. That's mine, and that was something I bought while I was in Green Lantern."

Didn't see that coming did ya?

Waititi played the role of Tom Kalmaku in Green Lantern, Hal Jordan's (Ryan Reynold's) best friend. He's the first person that Hal reveals his powers to, and provides some funny moments as the two try and figure out this whole hero thing. While he was heavily involved early on, Hal goes off into space for a large chunk of the movie, and that left Waititi with an awful lot of time to spare, hence the Shake Weight.

"So I was in New Orleans and I was in Green Lantern, but I was barely doing anything," Waititi said. "I'd be in my hotel room and it'd be like 1 AM, and the infomercial for the Shake Weight came on. I was like, "Screw it! I guess I'm buying everything I see on TV tonight – I'm gonna buy knives and some sewing thing. I bought exercise DVDs, too, but the one thing I bought that I kept was that Shake Weight… and then I had it shipped to Australia and I put it in the movie!"

So there you have it. Waititi is now responsible for quite possibly the weirdest Marvel-DC crossover ever. Who knew a Shake Weight could bring fans of the big two together in such a surreal way? If anyone was going to pull that off though, it was Taika Waititi.

Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters now.

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