WandaVision Finale: Quicksilver Explained, Doctor Strange Villain Revealed

Wanda Maximoff is officially the Scarlet Witch and could take a powerful turn heading into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the multiverse in the MCU is definitely not what we have been expecting, so far. It's hard to believe this is our last ever WandaVision breakdown but the finale episode left us with some questions and clues. Take your House of M theory and rip it to shreds! Take your aerospace engineer and realize they never mattered! And, hexagons? Never speak of such a shape! Instead, take a look at the growth of several characters and embrace Marvel's biggest trolling of the audience to date. Without further ado, spoilers follow!

Let’s get the tears out of the way because my heart can’t take anymore -- Vision says goodbye to Wanda, and he tells her I’ve been "a voice with no body," referencing JARVIS, "a body but not human", referencing his early days as Vision, and is now, ""a memory made real." This probably means that Wanda can keep this memory she created of Vision, but also that his resurrected body as White Vision now has Vision’s memories and all of the information he had before dying and he’ll probably be popping up again somewhere further down the line in the MCU.

It is interesting to think that Paul Bettany is not a known part of any future MCU title casts. Here's to hoping he can just pop back in somewhere - and it actually be kept a surprise. The same can be said for Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness.


Wanda, well, the worst might be yet to come from her.

She is officially the Scarlet Witch and she looks absolutely epic in the costume but she took the Darkhold from Agatha. The Darkhold first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #4 in 1972. The book has been involved with a lot of stories, especially Doctor Strange stories, but as Agatha said: “You don’t know what you’ve done.” It seems like Wanda has a plan in her mind to use this book to get Billy and Tommy back into the world as her really real kids but it also has adverse effects on its user. There’s a chance Wanda, with all these powers, might be chilling in Wundagore Mountain which is where Chthon wrote the Darkhold book like a billion years ago. Right now, she might be more powerful than Doctor Strange as evidence by er projection functioning and making tea, but she is not quite as polished with is powers as the Sorcerer Supreme is.

If you listen to the music when Wanda is levitating and reading the Darkhold, it’s a more sinister sounding tune which pretty much matches Doctor Strange’s MCU theme song.

This all means WandaVision has been the start of something new for Phase 4. The Darkhold itself is tied in comics to characters including Namor who is the popular pick for Black Panther II’s villain, Blade who has a movie on the way and will have to battle vampires, Ghost Rider who was part of the Agents of SHIELD show which also used the Darkhold, and even the Midnight Sons,.

WandaVision What Are Monica Rambeau Superpowers Explained
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Now let’s talk about Monica, who is showing signs of being a combination of her comic book hero aliases Photon and Spectrum. She was certainly transforming her body and manipulating energy when she saved the kids from Hayward’s bullets. She also read the energy coming off of Ralph Bohner’s necklace to realize it was what had him under a spell and gave him the fake Quicksilver powers. We will get to that… in a moment…. unfortunately.

Monica ends up getting a message from an officer who is actually a Skrull. She’s officially headed to the cosmos to see Uncle Nick Fury and get aboard that SWORD ship we saw in the Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scene. Also, maybe this Skrull cop is the little Skrull that Monica got to know in Captain Marvel back in the 90s, I choose to believe it is because it makes me happy.

WandaVision Evan Peters Ralph Bohner Quicksilver Pietro
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Going back to Ralph Bohner, this is the part of the show that some people are going to be mad and others are going to have no idea why they’re mad.

With WandaVision leading straight into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seemed like Evan Peters was playing the character that he played in the X-Men movie universe which was not made by Marvel Studios and totally disconnected from the Avengers movies. It turns out, he’s just an actor under a spell, and there is no deeper multiverse tie, at all. The only guess is Aaron Taylor-Johnson just really want to stick to his, "I don’t do sequels," thing and they needed a face that the audience would accept as Wanda’s brother because Wanda was accepting it… So, that’s it for Fietro, gone to the same island as Ben Kingsley’s Mandarian.

One last jab about the multiverse came when Tommy disarmed the military and wore their hat and goggles, looking just like the Evan Peters version of Quicksilver in the X-Men movies… just twist that knife.


In the end, WandaVision fulfilled little to none of the fan theories which is probably a good thing because it was nothing if not unpredictable. Huge props to Jac Schaeffer and the writers on the show for crafting such an emotionally-charged arc for Wanda and hats all the way off to Elizabeth Olsen for the performances. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Paul Bettany as Vision and whenever Kathryn Hahn comes back as Agatha, it just feels like a really fresh and exciting new beginning for the MCU.

I’ll be back with these same types of videos in 2 weeks for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I will also have WandaVision director Matt Shakman live on the Phase Zero podcast on Friday, March 12 answering all of the questions we still have! Phase Zero is available on all major podcast platforms. You can watch on twitch.tv/comicbook or listen later on any major podcast platform. To talk more now, share your thoughts in the comment section or hit me up on Instagram.