Kathryn Hahn: Kevin Feige Says Agatha Harkness Is Returning "Someday Soon"

Not only is Agatha Harkness coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Marvel Studios head [...]

Not only is Agatha Harkness coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige says Kathryn Hahn's beloved villain will be back sooner rather than later. In a recent chat with Rotten Tomatoes, the architect behind Hollywood's largest franchise applauded the work of Hahn's role in WandaVision. That's when Feige uncharacteristically let it slip Hahn will be returning to the comics-based world "someday soon."

"Someday. Someday soon. You will see Kathryn Hahn in Knives Out 2 next, then maybe an assortment of other things," Feige told the website of Hahn's eventual MCU return. "But within the MCU, it can't come soon enough. Let's put it that way."

The producer's phrasing would make Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness a prime candidate for Hahn's return. The Sam Raimi picture, though featuring Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange, also includes Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff. Maximoff just came toe-to-toe with Harkness during WandaVision, and it's expected Multiverse of Madness will pick up the pieces immediately after the Disney+ show.

"I think it definitely feels more Sam Raimi than that. So maybe that was the goal, but it definitely became something darker I think," Olsen previously told Vanity Fair of the Strange sequel's tone.

She clarified, "Yea, not like [Raimi's] western [stuff]... Yes, the horror genre feeling of constant fear and thrill and misleads and playing with camera, playing with how the perspective of the depth of field in order to make the audience feel more anxious... It's more... I think it's more than like a glossy Indiana Jones movie. Which I love Indiana Jones, but I feel like it has a darker thing going on."

Multiverse of Madness is also expected to feature the return of Benedict Wong and Chiwetel Ejiofor, amongst others.

WandaVision is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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