WandaVision: Teyonah Parris Explains Dual Monica Role After Captain Marvel

WandaVision will reintroduce the world to Monica Rambeau after the character first appeared in [...]

WandaVision will reintroduce the world to Monica Rambeau after the character first appeared in Captain Marvel. In the 2018 movie, the character was portrayed by Akira Akbar. Now, in Wandavision, decades have past and the character has grown up with Teyonah Parris stepping into the role. it's not that easy, though. In WandaVision, Parris is not only tasked with bringing the character back in an evolved way but also has to play a version of the character going by "Geraldine" and living within the WandaVision sitcom in addition to Monica Rambeau. In the above interview with ComicBook.com, Parris opened up about bringing the character back to life and how much of her backstory we will have filled in.

"I can say that you do meet Geraldine, in the first couple of episodes," Parris said. "And so trying to figure out how this connects to Wanda and Vision, and yes, is part of the fun of the show. And is that Monica or is, she said her name's Geraldine? Who is this? I think that's part of the excitement that you'll get to try to figure out as you watch the show." There is a clear contrast between Geraldine and Monica but how and why remains a mystery as the show rolls on.

"You meet young Monica in Captain Marvel and I definitely went back to that film to see how Akira Akbar has portrayed her and the things she was," Parris said. "And obviously we're meeting Monica Rambeau now, very grown and just trying to map out and imagine what her growth and what her life has been since we last saw her has been a lot of the fun part. And then also going back to the comic books and the source material of 'Who is Monica Rambeau?' And using my own ideas and also those from the creatives from Matt [Shakman], Jac [Shaeffer], and Mary [Livanos] and kind of melding them together. They've been really open and welcoming and collaborative with that process and allowing me to really feel and take ownership of who Monica Rambeau is today, as a grownup."

Marvel Comics fans know that Monica takes on a number of aliases throughout her tenure in books and Parris is hoping to get a crack at just about any of them. "I'll take any. She's a bad ass in all of them, across the board," Parris says. "Listen, talk to me Marvel. What we want to do? Who we want to try?" Parris will go on from WandaVision to play Monica Rambeau again in Captain Marvel 2.

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