Marvel's Werewolf By Night Halloween Special May Have Already Wrapped Production

As quickly as it started, Marvel's Werewolf by Night may already be done shooting principal photography. The official tracking list for the Georgia Film and TV office no longer lists Buzzcut as a production that's actively filming in the state. As reported by insiders earlier this year, Buzzcut is the working title for the yet-to-be-named Marvel Studios special.

The project began filming during the closing days of March, meaning the special got roughly three weeks of filming in for what's expected to be an hour-long special. Peculiar enough, the project still has yet to be officially unveiled by Marvel Studios, with no indication of when that may come. Previous reports pegged it as a Halloween 2022 release.

The special has been in the news of late due to reports suggesting Laura Donnelly is appearing in the series as Elsa Bloodstone, instead of the previously-reported Vampire by Night. It's expected Gael Garcia Bernal is playing Werewolf By Night, and the special will revolve around him. That said, other reports suggested the project will not be called Werewolf by Night.

Werewolf by Night was previously going to appear in Hulu's now-cancelled Howard the Duck series until Kevin Smith was informed he's unable to use the character because his rights were with the film division.

"In my head, as I started building my season, I was like, 'Alright. Episode 5. Werewolf by Night,'" Smith said during his Fatman Beyond podcast last summer. "The idea of our story was that Howard was trapped here and he was trying to get pages of the Darkhold, which would allow him to go back. There's Howard as I'm laying it out and then I go into Jeph and told him what I wanted to do, and that's when they said 'You can't use Werewolf by Night,' and I asked why. They said the movie division was using him."

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