X-Men: Marvel Reveals Two More Mutants Who Have Lost the Hellfire Gala's X-Men Vote

Marvel's X-Men initiative is currently ramping up for the Hellfire Gala, a twelve-issue event that is expected to have consequences both inside and outside of the pages of its various titles. One major facet of the gala thus far has been the confirmation that it will unveil the newest X-Men roster, which has been chosen in an election among the mutants of Krakoa. Earlier this year, Marvel gave fans their own chance to make their voices heard in the election, offering a chance to vote on who will take one of the spots on the team. Even before the Hellfire Gala officially commences, Marvel has already revealed some of the candidates that lost the #XMenVote, and it looks like two more have now been ruled out. A new comic preview, which you can check out below, showcases a conversation between Marrow and Armor, before both of them learn that they haven't been chosen for the X-Men.

Marrow and Armor join Strong Guy, Forge, Tempo, and Boom-Boom as characters who have been taken out of the running. For those keeping track, that means that Banshee, Cannonball, Polaris, and Sunspot remain.

The bulk of the X-Men team is being chosen democratically, in-universe, after Cyclops and Marvel Girl determined the need for mutant heroes operating outside the confines of the Krakoan government following X of Swords' events. A message went out reading, "For The People. The X-Men are the heroes of Krakoa. For the people, made up of the mutants of our great nation. In the coming days, we will announce the dates of our annual X-Men election and will be accepting nominations for representatives. This will be followed by a formal vote and then an unveiling of your team at the first Hellfire Gala."

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The Hellfire Gala will begin in Planet-Size X-Men #1, which arrives in stores on June 16th.