The New X-Men Team Will Be Chosen By SPOILER

The X-Men have gone through quite an evolution since House of X and Powers of X, and the latest [...]

The X-Men have gone through quite an evolution since House of X and Powers of X, and the latest step in that process is yet another new but exciting shake-up to expectations. Now that the X of Swords tournament is done the Quiet Council is left with a few open slots, and we find out in X-Men #16 who Magneto and Xavier want to fill those spots. Now, spoilers from here so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. Magneto and Xavier wanted Cyclops and Jean Grey to fill those spots, but unfortunately, neither one is up for it, as they instead reveal they are forming a new X-Men team. We've seen this before obviously, but it's the method in which they are going to form the team that is new.

When Magneto asks if they have decided who is going to be on their team, Cyclops says "I could always handpick a team that could get the job done but...that too feels wrong."

Xavier then asks them what they are planning to do, and Jean says "If the X-Men are for the people, then we figured it would be best to leave the decision up to them. So...". Scott then adds "we're going to let the people vote."

(Photo: Marvel)

We then see an election poster that reads Election of the X-Men, and it lists the party affiliations that are eligible to participate and a description of the election itself.

It reads "For The People. The X-Men are the heroes of Krakoa. For the people, made up of the mutants of our great nation. In the coming days, we will announce the dates of our annual X-Men election and will be accepting nominations for representatives. This will be followed by a formal vote and then an unveiling of your team at the first Hellfire Gala."

We cannot wait to see what a Hellfire Gala is, and you have to admit this is a cool way to introduce the new team.

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