This Life-Size Ghostbusters Terror Dog Replica Has Already Won Halloween


Ordinarily, early June is a bit early to start making plans for Halloween, but we're making a big exception for this brand new, life-size Ghostbusters Terror Dog replica. It's officially licensed and measures a whopping 59” L x 29” W x 30” H (it also weighs 48 pounds). The only question is - do its eyes glow red? You bet they do.

The Ghostbusters Terror Dog Life-Size Replica is available to pre-order right here from Spirit Halloween for $499.99 (plus shipping), and its expected to arrive on or before August 21st. Yes, that's very expensive - but look at it! Plus, you can put it in your living room year round as a theft deterrent, which makes it a bargain as far as we're concerned. There is no ADT, only Zuul. Seriously though, these will probably go quickly even at that price, so you'll want to get your pre-order in sooner rather than later.

Ghostbusters I and II steelbook

On a related note, you can get hyped up for a Ghostbusters Halloween even more thanks to the new Ghostbusters / Ghostbusters II 35th anniversary Steelbook 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, which launches tomorrow, June 11th. At the time of writing, you can pre-order the set on Amazon for $43.99, which is 33% off the list price.

The limited edition 5-disc set includes Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II on 4K UHD, along with tons of special features - much of which is new to this release. In fact, Dan Aykroyd hasn't even seen all of it.

"We’re gonna have the GB1 and GBII 4K Ultra HD set, all kinds of new footage, limited edition. There’ll be new discs, including two hours of footage that you haven’t seen. I haven’t even seen some of it," Aykroyd said at Ghostbusters Fan Fest Friday when celebrating the 1984 film’s 35th anniversary.

"Outtakes, including Fort Detmerring and the full sex act ... and the original 1984 exhibitor reel that we showed people to sell the movie. So there’ll be some cool features included in this limited edition anniversary steelbook."


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