Adam Driver Says all His ‘Dead Don’t Die’ Castmates Would Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Except One

The Dead Don't Die star Adam Driver has a lot of faith in his castmates if it came to a real [...]

The Dead Don't Die star Adam Driver has a lot of faith in his castmates if it came to a real zombie apocalypse, all except for one: Chloe Sevigny.

Driver and Sevigny spoke to about all things zombies ahead of the premiere of The Dead Don't Die, which hit theaters on Friday. When asked which cast members would survive a real zombie attack, the two had very different answers.

"I think Adam would do a really good job in the zombie apocalypse," Sevigny said of her co-star. "He could build all kinds of stuff, kill all kinds of zombies... He seems like a very efficient young man."

"Thank you, Chloe," Driver said politely. However, the actor was not as generous with his confidence, however, and both laughed as he explained why Sevigny would not survive the zombie onslaught.

"I don't think Chloe," he said bluntly. "Basically, anybody else, other than Chloe."

As for who would survive, Driver said simply: "Me. I put faith in myself."

All jokes aside, the two performers had a lot of nice things to say about each other, their cast mates and the film. Driver said that he agreed to appear in the zombie comedy almost exclusively because Jarmusch was directing. Sevigny, meanwhile, praised the movie's mix of new takes and homages to a well-loved genre.

The Dead Don't Die tells the story of a high-concept zombie uprising in a small town setting -- Centerville, Pennsylvania. It has a massive all-star cast, including Driver and Sevigny as local police officers Ronnie Peterson and Mindy Morrison, respectively. They are led on the force by Sheriff Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray), and they preside over a small town that anyone in the U.S. could recognize. They even get some visitors in the form of young college kids on a road trip (Selena Gomez, Austin Butler and Luka Sabbat).

Beyond the living dead, the movie deals with social, political and racial tensions on a local level, creating an allegory that resonates in today's ideological climate. It questions not only the actions of establishments and power structures, but the reaction of every day people who let it happen around them.

Of course, that does not mean it is light on the action. The movie includes some brilliant and hilarious zombie antics, including more than a few grizzly kills and re-kills. Driver and Sevigny both revealed their favorite zombie kills in the movie, and there were a lot to choose from.

The Dead Don't Die is in theaters now.