Disney Exploring a Sequel to Live-Action Aladdin

Disney's live-action take on Aladdin took the iconic characters to a whole new world this summer, [...]

Disney's live-action take on Aladdin took the iconic characters to a whole new world this summer, as Guy Ritchie's adaptation earned more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office. Due to the massive success in theaters, and the fact that the original Aladdin already had sequels, it should come as no surprise to learn that Disney is actively exploring ideas for a sequel.

This version of Aladdin left its story fairly open-ended, allowing for more story to be told in the future. Speaking to producer Dan Lin, we asked if the folks over at Disney were having conversations about an Aladdin sequel, and where the franchise could go next.

"We have now," says Lin. "We certainly when we first made the movie wanted to just make the best movie we could and let audiences tell us if they wanted to see more. And I would say resoundingly audiences want to see more. They've watched this movie multiple times. We have lots of fan letters about people who really go back and they bring their friends and bring their family. And so we feel like there's more story to tell. We are going to treat it the same way we treat the original Aladdin movie and not going to do a shot by shot remake of anything that's been done before. We're really looking at what's been done before in the past and the home video, and there's just more story to tell with the underlying materials. So without giving away too much, we are certainly exploring where we can go with this franchise."

These are simply conversations at this point and it's worth noting that Disney doesn't have an Aladdin sequel in production just yet. Nothing has been confirmed by the studio and Lin is clear that only conversations are being had as of now. But with the massive box office haul that the first film delivered, a sequel should be considered a near-guarantee.

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Aladdin will be released on Digital HD on August 27th and on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on September 10th.