Amazing Spider-Man Deleted Scenes: Lizard in the Bathroom


Sony Pictures has released a pair of deleted scenes from the forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man DVD/Blu-ray release and...well, there's no way around it. This movie apparently spent a lot more time in the bathroom in the early going. Neither of the two scenes is fully produced, with evidence of green screen and split screen technology appearing in both. The first clip, seen below, The Lizard gains entry to Midtown Science High School by way of the girls's bathroom, which he enters from under the toilet. After shredding some scenery, he has a brief and pretty disturbing moment where he appears to be scare-flirting with some high school girls--something that seems a little...not right...when you consider that his alter ego spends a fair amount of time with young women. It's probably not entirely implausible to think that's what got the scene cut--when Webb looked at this unfinished cut (you can see Ifans's real, human nose at one point in the FX) and saw how it came off. Most interestingly, you can see the greenscreen-friendly nylon stocking on Ifans's arm, which presumably helps give him the film's amputee look.The second sequence is both more innocent and more unnecessary. After having transformed back from The Lizard, Rhys Ifans's Dr. Curt Connors appears on the floor of the same bathroom, asking Peter to help him, and Peter lifts and carries him out toward the waiting police. Peter is unmasked in the scene, confirming that Connors will absolutely remember his identity, and it likely served no real purpose, especially because without having seen the first bathroom sequence it might puzzle fans as to why the place is a dump. Baaaad Lizzy! by dm_5082b048337c0 Halp Meh by dm_5082b048337c0